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Anusaya Fresh has had a strong and loyal clientele from its dawning. Being a name to reckon with, in terms of quality and consistency, we at Anusaya Fresh have always strived for absolute customer satisfaction. Our clients are primarily the cream of the hotel industry - the five star chains, airline catering and major hypermarkets.

Each of the below mentioned names have carved a niche for themselves in the Hospitality Industry. Our association with them adds yet another feather to our cap.

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Our journey so far....

Our Humble Beginnings

The history of our business dates back to 1950's where the trading of fruits and vegetables was done on a sole trading basis. It was Mrs. Anusaya Shinde who initiated the idea of business trade using conventional mode of business operations by setting up a local fruits and vegetable store.

A Business is Born

This idea culminated into a business setup with joint efforts from family members who contributed in setting up a business unit marketed as VRS Fruit vendors - Wholesalers and Suppliers to a selected set of hotels ever since 1980.

New Millennium 2000
Transition to Full Service

The new millennium 2000, witnessed a rapid influx of migrants, thereby an increase in demand of international fruits and vegetable. With growing number of international visitors and popularity of health and wellness, the local fruit business required a push by venturing into imported fruits and vegetables. To match up and cater to needs of 5-star hotels, it was imperative regular supplies of imported fresh produce were made available.

Founded in 2008-09
Anusaya fresh India Pvt Ltd

It was in the year 2009, which marked the launch of Anusaya Fresh India Pvt. Ltd which in its short existence has reached all major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai for supplies of super-exotic fresh produce variants.

Anusaya fresh Thailand Co. Ltd

To extend our presence in other part of the globe we launched Anusaya Fresh Thalinad Co. Ltd. With the presence of Thailand unit, we expanded our export and import business across south Asia.

While in India, small cities like Mysore, Kochi, Goa and Coimbatore were being explored and supplies were reaching to small town cities enabling retailers, caterers and hotels to offer exclusive variety to their customers with never seen before items.

Anusaya fresh Fruits & Vegetables LLC

With the growing popularity of super-exotic fresh fruits and imported vegetables in Asian and Middle-East markets, it was time to go global and present some of south-east Asia's finest fresh produce across to Middle-East like Dubai which marked the launch of Anusaya Fresh Fruits & Vegetables LLC in the year 2013.

Anusaya fresh USA LLC

In the year 2014, we crossed the seven seas to establish Anusaya Fresh USA LLC having two significant presences. The primary module aims to procure fruits & vegetables from local farmers and vendors to export these to other countries after undertaking a process of cleaning, processing and passing a series of quality inspections by in-house Quality control teams. While its second business module encompasses using the produce from its own organic farms in Papel Ville, Mississippi which are 100% USDA certified and approved. These are primarily fresh produce grown in these organic farms to sell domestically within the US markets.

A constant Growth
Looking ahead since 2014

Anusaya Fresh India Pvt. Ltd. was appointed first and foremost distributor in September 2014, for Imported Avacado "Hass" variety grown by AVANZA�.

These Avacado's are grown in ideal growing conditions using world-class orchard management and quality control systems. Anusaya Fresh India Pvt. Ltd. jointly worked with New Zealand Council to bring AvoGreen�, premium quality Avocados available for its consumption in Indian markets.

New Varieties & Collaborations

We had opportunity to work with US Highbush Blueberry Council to bring fresh & frozen blueberries to introduce them to our Indian markets last year in 2014.

In the year 2014, with the presence of Anusaya Fresh Fruits & Vegetables LLC in Dubai and growing demands of retailers such as Curryfour, Union Supermarket, BARAKAT Quality Plus, Kibsons, etc. for Thai & Indian fresh produce, we initiated our export operations to United Arab Emirates. Export quality fruit items such as Pomegranates, Grapes, Papaya, Pineapple, Banana, Chillies, etc. are a regular from India & Dragon Fruit, Thai Guava, Mangosteen, Rambutan etc. from Thailand to help reach and cater to demands of customers in Dubai and neighbouring cities across the UAE

In addition to the established units, Anusaya Group of Companies has successfully centralized the procurement process in Thailand. It further aims to source directly from farms for all major exotic fruit & vegetables range. With contract farms in Ratchaburi, Samut Sakorn and Kanchanauri areas in Thailand where it grows exotic flowers as per international quality standards which are are plucked from the farms; sprinkled with water to keep them fresh and prevent them from drying. . Skilled hands sort and grade these flowers, which are then fitted with tubes at the end of the stem and packed in plastic bags for international shipment. The company has a tie-up with a local packaging company which provides international quality packing. The flowers are air freighted to other countries by reputed and select airlines like Thai Airways, Emirates etc� due to their robust logistics, accuracy and operational efficiency.

Bridging Gaps
2015 a New Aproach

Late 2014 - mid 2015 observed frequent visit to USA to bring the Blueberry Farm Fresh berries. The 1st quarter of 2015 was aimed at bridging the gap of such high demands of Blueberries by coordinating supplies from suppliers in US & Canada making it imperative to visit US & Canada.

The intention was to meet different growers in the Mississippi-Louisiana & visit their farms to recognize the potential of U.S. fresh & frozen blueberry and identify possibilities of increasing product sales in this segment into the Indian markets. Moreover, with high demands of Apples & a few stone fruits such as Peach, Nectarines, Apricots in Asian and South-East Asian market, trip to Washington State to visit Apple growers helped in exploring further business opportunities and plan ahead for the New Year 2015

Its Not The End

Company CEO & Founder, Mr. Dinesh Shinde states, "We are happy to see the results of our promotional activity in late 2014-15 and have successfully reached the classes. However, I am yet to reach the masses.

With over 4 tonnes of Blueberries imported soon after his visit to US, he quoted, "I believe the orientation and business visit in Jan-Feb to the U.S. was highly beneficial not just to educate myself and take this learning further but also helped me promote consumption of U.S. berries on an even bigger scale, reached the masses too"

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